To turn the death of a political figure into an unseemly and undignified campaign or lobbying event, demanding that the deceased's political opponents capitulate to the political demands of the deceased's political allies.
It didn't take long for the Democrats to wellstone the death of Senator Ted Kennedy by insisting that the health care bill must be renamed and passed in his honor.
by Rhymes With Right August 27, 2009
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To die in a plane crash after being a strong vocal critic of an unpopular political position. To have alot of enemies and to be whacked mysteriously.
Too bad about he got wellstoned and all.
by Limpy Ho May 1, 2003
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A small city located in southern Ohio, most businesses are boarded up and closed, the city is drug infested.
Home of the wellston rockets the most underfunded high school athletic program in the state. The people of wellston dress gangster and try to make rap music despite having Appalachian accents and living in a small city of only 6000 people.

On a high note wellston has excellent Chinese food.
"Alteast I don't live in Wellston Ohio anymore".

"Hey Bob what is there to do in wellston besides pills?"
Bob: "eat Chinese food at Johnny's and ride lawnmowers."
by estabanroso February 8, 2015
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6400 is an gang affiliated to your address if you live in STL. Mostly bloods are apart of this gang but you might find some crips in Wellston. In Hillsdale all we rep is big bloods.
Me: What you repping?
Them: I'm repping 6400

6400 Hillsdale/Wellston is mostly bloods.
by 6400 Bluud Shyt May 28, 2019
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