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It's a great song by Alice in Chains, talking about the cruel war of Vietnam
by Freddy March 11, 2005
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A latino word used to describe a sexy (girl player) bitch.
"Hey Bichonga, you're lookin' sexy tonight!"
by Freddy February 2, 2004
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a guy who doesn't get any pussy no matter how hard he tries
yo, see that guy over there alone...man he's such a pussy repellent
by Freddy September 11, 2004
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Checkers is for pussy's.

You wanna play a man's game, play chess!
self explanatory
by Freddy March 10, 2004
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Making use of a message board or e-mail system of a major corporation or organization (RIAA, BSA, ETC) to show disgust with actions they may support, or even follow.

Digital protest IS:

- When one or wto posts on a board specifically for the protest event are made and they are used to make their points clear

- When a letter wrting campaign that doesn't involve spamming is imposed using e-mail addressses on the website of the target(s)

Digital protest IS NOT:

- Flooding a message board/forum with posts of dissecent or flooding an e-mail address with dissenting letters.
"The digital protest was aimed at curbing what the protesters call a "Misleading anti-piracy campaign" which mis-uses words and siatorts facts.
by Freddy November 22, 2004
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(denniez)'s and pavel's cat. also known as sushi or kiwi. GREYCAT is accually a russian blue cat. GREYCAT has been known to be able to preform such stunts as a backflip, and a 540°.
1- Pavel, stop eating GREYCAT's food!
2- Man, GREYCAT is going to be such a gangster when he grows up.
by Freddy December 19, 2003
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A commonly used phrase used to display dismay or awe.
Shiiiiit biatch, this mofo ain't pimpin'!
by Freddy January 13, 2003
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