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Short for whoremonger, i.e., one who frequents whores and prostitutes.
He's a true monger, even his vacations are all to primo whorefucking destinations.
by Cabron December 05, 2004
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1) Mung-ger: Someone who mongers(sells) something, for example fish-monger, ironmonger,whoremonger, assmonger, cockmonger

2) Mong-er: A mentally challenged person,retard,spaz,mongoloid(from which the word is derived)
"That assmonger can be such a monger sometimes!"
by Baron Von Batwing January 16, 2005
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1. One who enjoys hoarding things or accumulating stuff. 2. One who becomes obsessive about an act, concept, or idea.
Jay Leno is a car monger.
The king was a war monger.
She is a such a sex monger.
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a carniverous, african kangaroo with 3 rows of teeth. it usually eats its prey in one bite. the babies are called josphines.
shannon is a beastly monger who likes to eat her one bite.
by me January 05, 2005
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One to stir the pot, cause an uproar, create a disturbance or disagreement between individuals.
If You never agree with your colleagues, you may be a Shit Monger!
by Captain shittemonger February 02, 2010
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