A derogatory term used to describe the child of someone you think of as shit. A “shit apple” never falls far from the “shit tree.”
Randy: "I can't believe Trinity was throwing bottles, Mr. Lahey."

Mr. Lahey: "Shit apple."
by Ronnie Honduras April 3, 2007
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Some one who is being annoying or you dont like very much
by Nikkuh January 4, 2006
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A statement of entusiastic surprise and delight.
"If George Bush manages to keep from bankrupting this country, I'll shit green apples."
by Roger DeCoster September 13, 2005
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A result of eating way to many apples, your "bodily waste" seems to be already lubed up with shit.
1:Dude i took apple shit the other day
2:thats absolutely fucking disgusting
by saveriox March 2, 2007
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You know you have the Apple Shits when you've eaten a lot of apples, around 2-3 a day, and every five minutes you have to shit, but its not the runs. Doesn't apply to everyone though.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away becuase I have the Apple Shits and I can't drive to the doctor without soiling my pants.
by Cerpin Taxxt October 27, 2006
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