A map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that became the only reason people still played the game in 2020.

It was best known for spawn kills, shotgun spamming, Wheelson rampages, and absolute mayhem. Upon it's release, 100% of the player base refused to play any other map.

Also, it's brokkkkeeeen.
Salty Try Hard: "Brah, I hope we get Shipment or I'm backing out and playing World of Tanks."
Rager Try Hard: "Yah Brah, Shipment is so brokkkeen."
by TJeffWorkout January 10, 2020
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said by one who is angry or frustrated in a loud angry manner, very similar to the word "shit". its also very useful to middle school aged children who would very much like to say "shit" in front of their teachers, but instead say "shipment" so they wont get punished in a negative manner. in some cases, the child or children, just like to say it because because its just plain fun to say.
teacher: You got another C on your assignment.
student: Shipment!!!
by rawdog 69 December 20, 2009
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To transfer something (usually large) out of a specific carrier of any kind to an extraction point, this can either be done by force, voluntarily, mechanically and/or extracted. Although there are many ways to use this definition, it prominently refers to the drug-selling business where the drug dealer (supplier) hands his kilo worth of goods to a transprter (mailman) to distribute towards another city, state, or country. Many East Atlanta rappers talk about how d-boys ship their chickens off to Mexico or Columbia or any other Latin American country. That's because their value in these foreign countries is drastically higher than its value here in the U.S. And there is a reduced chance of getting caught in the act if you play your cards right.
I had to make some money somehow so i signed up for a top-secret experimental job in Thailand and all i had to do was drop a shipment of brown boxes towards each of the deep valley towns mapped down on my GPS navigation system on my UPS truck. Guy: "How much does a worker usually get paid?" Me: "Like a shitload of paper, but if you know how i roll all those stacks of paper is gone after one night on the rise" Guy: "Well, that was interesting. It gives me something to think about the next time i drop a load." Me: "Yeah, that cargo is no joke, and things can get real ugly on its dirtiest and problematic days but hey it's easy money to me and i'm good doin this." Guy: "Glad i don't have to worry bout doin this. Sounds like a real turd if you ask me."
by ogdajuiceman June 26, 2010
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the most amazing online map ever seen in a game, extremely basic but brilliant, "headquarters on shipment" a match on cod 4 where over 100 kills can be racked up, a map where some people tend to get worked up screaming down the mic phrases like " I only just freakin spawned! ", Random 'nade thrwoing noob! " all he can do is spray with that p90! ". The match always goes full distance which means loads of time to enjoy it, a match where you can take out a whole squad with one airstike, where a helicopter can clock up 20 kills+, this is dream map for a p90 fan or other such guns. Throw grenades, keep your finger on the trigger and dont stop until someone clips ya, and when they do watch the double kill as your martyrdon takes out your killer and his mate, even more satisfying when theyve got names like 'xxIxUkSkIlLzxKiLl3rxIxx' or 'xNOObPWNErx etc each with matching clan tags normally own or Ikil
cod 4 p90 Cod 4 Shipment
by Euphoric June 8, 2009
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When all you USED to do was sweat COD MW Shipment and Spam soundboards down the mic
Logan is such a Shipmenteer cant believe he does this.
by West Supermares finest January 4, 2020
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A romantic or passionate attachment between two people that is beyond friendship and prior to a relationship

The parties involved in a shipment are called ‘shipmates
I am not in a shipment right now
She is in a serious shipment with her shipmate
I wish I had a shipment like theirs
by Links & Lexy August 10, 2021
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