A game where your social life goes to die, and then rot in hell. You cannot escape its grasp, and once you play, you will be addicted to it. After 4 months of grinding, you get bored and leave for 6 weeks. You then come back and are addicted again until your computer crashes.
Me: Iv'e been playing World of Tanks for 4 months straight now.
Friend: Wtf is that?
Me: Gtfo noob.
A Free-to-Play (and not Pay-to-Win) MMO focused around... well, tanks. Red Orchestra meets World of Warcraft meets Battlefield 1942, in other words. Infamous for its bias towards Russian tanks, but otherwise a very original take on the Genre. Also has a large volume of Paper Panzers that didn't actually make production in real life. AKA "WoT"
World of Tanks proves to us that a nice 105mm round is way better than any greatsword.
by RedShocktrooper April 16, 2011
Free to Play shooter focused on tanks. Instead of controlling a human character you control a World War 2 tank. This game is NOT an MMO.
In the World of Tanks, you're going to need a better gun than that to hurt me!
by Z hero May 9, 2012
A online Tank game made by wargaming (greedy cunts) which used to be good until mid 2016 where the game because pay-to-win with tanks such as Skorpion G, Obj 252u/Defender, Chrystler K GF and Nameless. Now in world of tanks if you don't have a tier 8 PREMIUM tank or a PREMIUM account don't bother going past tier 6.

Veteran: Ah, I remember the good old days of World Of Tanks.
Newbie: fuck this game, now im bankrupt.
Veteran: Sucked in.
Wargaming: selling e-25 and pzIIj $150 each >:D
by 4amGod July 20, 2017
=== INTRO ===

Probably the worst game ever since 2019 because the community got MUCH more toxic. It was fun to play since 2014 till they added E25 and some other shit like battle pass (which is everyfuckingwhere in games) which allows you to earn a 7 day premium account and overall more goods. But that's not the worst thing.
Worse thing is playing tier 6 or higher where matchmaking (which probably Karens made it) will ALWAYS give you 2 level higher tanks (my T32 can't even penetrate an IS tank). And even if there's tie, the RNG always decide which team wins (my score was 12:12 and it said "DEFEAT" like WTF).
Now for the worst thing. The Karens (aka wargaming) added tanks on wheels which they are so fucking FAST and now you can't even play artillery without being slapped with a bullet rain from enemies (if they find you, you are screwed). KV-2 is fucking OP too with his 152mm anal rape (aka cannon).


Of course... balancing:

The cannons maybe are balanced but their ammo is not. Here's the list:

a) AP/HE: the basic ones and actually BALANCED.
b) APCR (gold ammo): used by 5 year olds who always use mommy's credit card
c) HEAT: really annoying. It's like AP but with a damage radius.


So what's the result? Yeah, WOT became much worse since 2019.
Person 1: *uses his T32 and shots*
Enemy (E100): that didn't hurt *shots*
Person 1: no *gets destroyed*. Ahh yes I forgot... this game (world of tanks) was already a cancer.
by EarRape Fan April 8, 2021
The mobile version of World of Tanks (or WoT).
World of tanks blitz is available on mobile and steam, it is basically a smaller scale version of WoT without artillery (sky cancer). World of tanks blitz has much smaller maps, 7 v 7 which means a good player could change the outcome of the game, a physics engine that doesn't allow you to go upside down, not as much broken Russian tanks, has a noob friendly experience as there is little to no seal clubbing, has worse graphics (because it a mobile game) and is a very undemanding game.

The game is fun because its much faster paced than WoT or warthunder but has some pretty bad graphics when compared to these 2 games.
human: Im trying to get into world of tanks but i keep dying so quickly!
human 2: just try World of tanks blitz, its less complex
by skeletalchild November 18, 2019
A tanking game for PC, Android, and iOS. Crazy game where Wargaming gives tanks out of containers to Hog you money for shit tanks, when you shot a tank and and the bullet just disappears even though you see the bullet to hit the tank AKA ghost shells.
Droodles Blitz
Blitz With Muffin
WoTB Joe
World Of Tanks Blitz Official Channel
by ohhiiamsteveandimustfindshit October 10, 2021