Shortned version of word, "grenade"

Often used by people who frequently play first-person shooter video games which have grenades.
"I had 2 health left and that fucker decided to throw a 'nade! Damn it! That lucky SOB!"
by B. Brastis January 25, 2006
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A slang abreviation for Grenade.

Often used on online FPS games.
Bill threw a 'nade into the bunker, the enemy tried to scramble away before its 5 second fuse ended... BooOoOOoM.
by 25p January 27, 2006
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Short for Grenade, and used with many of the same meanings. The one I see missing is "A short bottle of Mickey's". They are short, round, green bottles of cheap beer that vaguely resemble a grenade.
Yo, 'nade me. To translate: Hey man, toss me a Mickey's.
by Qjedi December 11, 2006
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a grenade of any sort
Don't waste your last 'nade in a tight spot like that.
by The Return of Light Joker March 31, 2008
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time-saving abbreviation (brev) of lemonade
this 'nade is so perfectly lemon-y
by _Kayt_ January 24, 2006
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People with the last name Nading are loyal to a fault. Nading's are Hardy and strong people. They Have strong family ties. Nading's are true survivors, independent and hard working. Nading's are responsible and always keep their word. They are fun to be around and any Nading can drink you under the table. If you have crossed them beware thier trust is very difficult to regain.
The Nading family are the most solid people I know.
by dreamcatcher700 September 14, 2016
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Basically, its when you get hit by a grenade and die in Counterstrike

Bah, he naded me.
by Taurious December 3, 2004
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