1. Mouth
2. Face
1. I'll kock you right in the fucking kisser.
2. That girl has a nice kisser.
by Fred Garvin January 12, 2004
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A group of people who believe that fucking your cousins and marrying them is what god would want. Also known as Followers of Christ.
Beau: Hey cousin lets fuck
Billy: fucking kissers
by The lord of Buffalo December 13, 2016
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The definition varies; just ask the holy lord and savior of the Capetian Dynasty and Han Dynasty. It’s the ultimate insult that can only be used every half life and destroys people’s career.
Nick: You are a FASSY KISSER!
Sean: No, Nick you’ve ruined me.
by FasseyKISSER632 February 6, 2018
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During the process of giving a blow job and only sucking on the head of the penis without going down the shaft of the penis.
This girl was such a tip kisser, she wasn't even able to suck to the shaft of my cock.
by bus2727 April 25, 2011
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