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An exuberant drug dealer that hones a legendary street stature. He is usually very skilled in multiple aspects of the street game, which are common but not limited to:

*Hitting Licks
*Producing drugs (i.e. Crack, crystal meth, codeine, etc.)
*The art of extortion to gather helpful information and making shady deals
*Fucking Hoes
*Street gambling (craps, spades, dominoes, etc.)
*Conducting new drug dealing spots
*Recruiting fellow soldiers

As you can see, this highly regarded person is multi-talented and is strictly about his business. Just don't be on any dumb shit when you encounter one, because he can either make you or break you.
Aww shit, look who came back in da streets! The trap king just opened a new trap house. Sixteen years in the county jail and he boomin harder than ever now...

Larry Hoover was the most influental trap king known to street history. ($100 million in drug sales alone, can anyone top that?)
by ogdajuiceman December 29, 2010
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A male who has the mentality of a nigga but the heart of a bitch.
Real nigga: "That boy was talkin shit bout bussin down bricks so i gave him one and i found him in da trap itchin... Dat bitch nigga owes me money and it's comin out some way!"
by ogdajuiceman December 29, 2010
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The urge to masturbate in the middle of (or while watching) a wimbledon game. (Usually while two females are on the field.) Also refers to a person who suffers from this condition, a penis that is extremely prone to this condition, a horny lesbian who likes to watch women play tennis, or simply just a game that is seductive enough to trigger the male or female genitalia enough for masturbation, usually leading to instant orgasm and/or spontaneous combustion.
i was watching serena williams battle against maria sharapova and i got real hard while watching it so i rubbed on my wimbledick for a few minutes then i grabbed the ky and started cranking it then i busted two nuts and it splattered all over the screen. wimbledon is the best female sport ever hands down
by ogdajuiceman June 28, 2010
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A company run by a horde of retards who completely fucked up the Gulf of Mexico and the southern coastline with its dangerous oil spill. Also refers to any other company that profusely screws up something major and calls it "a huge and regrettable mistake" (AIG, for example); or it can refer to a group of people who vandalize a person's property or vehicle then hires other people who are willing to take the blame.
Victim: "Oh my gosh! Wtf took the parts off my Lamborghini?" Vandals: "It was Jack and Dick." Victim: "Did you two assholes really do this to my once-good whip?" Fake Vandals: "Yes we did sir." (The oil now leaks out of the hapless piece of junk, then it bursts all over the man's house, much like Old Faithful bursts water out of its geyser-filled hole) Fake Vandals: "Oops, it wasn't us we just got paid to lie to you" (Takes the money and runs off) Vandal #1: "I told yall we shouldnt have trusted dem snitches now we gotta pay him back for collateral damage and spontaneous combustion" Vandal #2: "I know let's give him a BP (blowpop) and he'll probably forget this has ever happened!" Vandal #3: "I agree with him Two Thumbs Up and head raised too." Vandal #1: "Aight, i'm down wit dat." "BP (Big Pussies) all day!" (And what a perfectly great resemblance of Big Pussies that was too.)
by ogdajuiceman June 16, 2010
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A nigga that happily smokes kush and drinks with gang member(s) who claim red but doesn't bang or shoot or even claim their set as often as a real one.
Nigga 1: "What set you claim?"

Nigga 2: "What do you mean set?"

Nigga 1: "You ain't no real blood, you just a part-timer, and that ain't good enough. Come back to me if u serious bout making dis bread before i beat the living hell outta u."

A blood set is one that you become part of FOR LIFE. Either you full-time or no-time There is no such thing as a real nigga who is a part-time blood. "GET WIT IT OR GET CRACKED NIGGA"
by ogdajuiceman January 31, 2011
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To break part of a cigarette butt to ensure maximum tobacco consumption. It was originally done to prevent smoking in contact with the butt that somebody else already placed their lips upon.
I really needed a pack of cigarettes since I was so stressed out so I said fuck and I semi-filtered that single Newport.
by ogdajuiceman January 31, 2011
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What you get when you touch something that you shouldn't be exposed to
I experienced a jolt of electrostatic discharge after placing the stick of RAM into the wrong motherboard slot. Now I gotta spend the whole day troubleshooting.
by ogdajuiceman August 23, 2011
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