A meme that isn't dank. It's not a good meme.
Person A: Dude, I saw this grumpy cat meme!
Person B: what was it?
Person A: he was wearing a Christmas hat and it said "falalalala fa fa fuck you"! I was laughing for like an hour!
Person B: dude stop. that's a bad meme.
by rinxshiemi January 29, 2017
When a person (usually an amateur meme lord) sends a meme to a chat and doesn't get a good enough reaction so they rapidly keep posting even worse memes (usually stolen) to try to justify themselves
What the hell Lachlan is spamming dead memes
Yeah, he's been doing that since he was diagnosed with Reoccurring Bad Meme Syndrome
by Shogunyan December 26, 2016