when you like someone and start to catch feelings for real. you are folding (falling for them basically).
Tim: I'm folding hard rn.
No, don't. she's a bitch.
by Uncle Jrff March 5, 2022
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1. a term used on tiktok for when you’re falling for someone.

2. giving up and trying to go back to your ex
1. his messages make me smile so much i’m folding

2. bro last night i folded and texted her
by jampuffs April 27, 2022
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to back down from any thing
"he wont fight, he just folds"
by De$per8 June 11, 2004
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To beat someone down, knock their ass out.
I dont care if that fool is a marine, if he runs up, ill fold that bitch
by Will January 4, 2005
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A verb meaning that someone sucks horribly, and fails at almost everything. Origins; Chaminade College, Tronto.
You failed that open book test. You fold!
by Mr. Dark October 5, 2006
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a homemade envelope made from a piece of paper...used to hold Cocaine.
Roger dropped his fold and everyone saw, now he won't admit it is his.
by caslo September 21, 2005
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pussy, vagina, bushy choot, cunt, giney, fanny, muff, poon, cooch, pit, vice grip.........
1) she got the cock into her pulsing folds
by m.b.foroughi May 2, 2010
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