An individual that may be traumatized by a war, commonly the world wars but perhaps the cold or Vietnamese war, the effects are kinda like Parkinson's disease but much more powerful, the person struggles to move but can, and cannot sit still, the person will often struggle to sleep because they are so traumitized.
My Great grandfather survived the war, but he came home shellshocked
by Folix March 9, 2016
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A condition usually found in Soldiers, where a traumatic experience forces the person into a state of shock, such as being in the proximity of an exploding Artillery shell (Hence Shellshock). They are quite often rendered completely incapacitated without suffering any physical damage. This is also often confused with PTSD.
The Marine began to run across the pitted sand, when the Howitzer shell hit next to him. He was launched into the air, and when he landed, he lay stiff as a board, on the verge of sobbing, he had been shellshocked.
by ... Awww, Fuck this. March 9, 2010
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A Nickname Given to a Blastoise In Pokemon the first Movie
I Choose You, Shellshocker! Finish it off with a Hydro Pump now!
by ANIMAL! June 19, 2009
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scared , so scared you cant talk , real paranoid and gittery
that fool was so shell shocked he couldnt move
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
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Interjection: used by ninja turtles to express negative feelings of surprise or sometimes pain.

We're out of pizza and the footclan stole Mike. SHELLSHOCK!
by DutchRutterlover April 6, 2009
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From the epic conker matches of your childhood. The tear-jearking moment when your (one hundred and eightier) conker loses a part of its shell after a well aimed blow from your opponent.

Usually a sure fire precurssor for a conker match defeat.
"OOOHHH! He's just got a shellshock! he's lost it"
by Myxomatosis August 4, 2005
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Uncontrollable shaking that usualy happens on the first day of a new school year.
Person A: Whats up wit Jim?
Person B: Oh, he just has shellshock, its the first day of school.
by TOOSOOabi September 25, 2007
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