A female's genital area that is totally clean shaven.
Beth is so new school, I love fucking her.
by Sloot September 12, 2005
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A prestigious university in New York City.

Considered one of the best institutions in the world for writing, art, music, and theater, The New School is very selective. It admits students with high GPAs, strong SAT scores, and a history in sociopolitical activism. Creativity is a must.

New Schoolers are notorious for their leftist, and sometimes radical, politics.
Hipster One: Did you see that jazz singer at The Blue Note? She rocked the house!
Hipster Two: Must have trained at The New School.
by Daleep January 5, 2010
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Hogwarts, but with eight houses.
It was The New School First Year Sorting.

An Asian girl in a sleek, black coat she made herself put on the hat and sat down. A moment's pause -

"PARSONS!" shouted the hat.

A boy lugging a huge cello and large stack of sheet music (containing his own compositions, of course) came next.

"MANNES!" shouted the hat again."
by UnionSquarez August 8, 2009
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Where admissions officers scour the globe, round up the most radical/artistic/generally eccentric people they can find, and bring them to Greenwich Village to earn degrees.

Legendary for the disproportionately high number of famous writers, artists, and musicians it has produced.

For public safety, the university really should have a sign in front of it reading: "Abandon all hope, ye conservatives who enter here." It's just not right to deny people of a fair warning.
Kerry: *points upwards* Look! People rioting on a roof!
Bob: That's one of The New School's buildings.
Kerry: Oh...
by PlaywrightX December 13, 2009
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Person X: What are you doing after graduation?

TNS Alumna: I'm off to the green wilds of Rwanda to empower women, strengthen the economy, and study local cultural traditions.

Person X: Sweet! Where are you graduating from again?

TNS Alumna: The New School!
by AvenueABCs May 4, 2010
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