It is a group of 5 frineds Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and their sensei, Master Splinter and they spend their nights making fun of others behide their backs and they get a kick out of it.
I went out with the ninja turtles last night and they are still the same old people making fun of people it is just sad.
by Avery Manshake January 5, 2008
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all above who are hating on the ninja turtles are just jelose.the ninja turtles are four turtles who were created by a secret type of ooze and trained by a rat name splinter trained in karate to save people from the foot clan thats run by shredder. they get there names from artists Michelangelo,Leonardo,Donatello,and Raphael,Leonardo is the leader
1 hey who is the ninja turtles

2 Are u kiddin me, the ninja turtles are the best heros in the world
P.S.- all haters above are gay and just jelouse of the ninja turtles.

(COWABUNGA) haters
by big Chad February 14, 2008
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Homosexual mutant turtles on crack that believe they are ninjas. Usually engage in underground orgies. They are the reason your toilet overflows, why entire sewers to back up in homea, why sludge explodes from manholes, and the smell you get on your pubes when you sweat a lot. Major cause in global warming.

So why the fuck do people STILL call them heroes?
The Ninja Turtles kidnapped my little brother and escaped through my fireplace, but not without making all the toilets in the house combust.
by xer0syk0 July 29, 2006
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The most fucked up cartoon in the world!

Think the writers smoked a ton of weed while creating it.
Sick crackheads!
How Ninja Turtles was made:

Writer1: Dude! lets make a cartoon about some ninjas!

Writer2: Omg yeah! I'm thinking animals man! like tigers or something!

Writer1: Nooo dude! turtles! mutated psycho turtles!

Writer2: That's sick! What should we name them? Shogun?

Writer1: Hell no. Lets name them after som freaking italian painting men!

Writer2: Oh kk. Do they live in Italy?

Writer1: NO! Italy is FAIL! They live in the sewer... with their mutated rat sensei! And they call eachother Dude all the time!

Writer2: Duuuude! hand me another spliff...
by Maxel J April 4, 2008
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The ninja turtles lived in the sewers, therefore they MUST smell like absolute SHIT. So when you pick up a stench that is so bad you can't think of anything worse it must be that the ninja turtles are at your house.
Ashton: "Keisha what the fuck is that smell?"

Keisha: "Fucking Ninja Turtles!"

by Ashton McCune April 9, 2006
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the ninja turtle (can be used both in the singular and plural sense). is an ancient turtle, originally from the sewer region of densley populated cities. They are often accompanied by a large rat. ninja turtles hit their ninja "peaks" during their teenage years.
Turtles in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!!!
by Josh Stramoli June 29, 2004
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