What Puerto Ricans wear on their feet
"'Ey mang! Check out my new pair of choose!"
by Ryouba July 17, 2005
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What a Puerto Rican wears on his feet.
Yo Jose, check out my new choose. I stole 'em from foot locker!
by Fish-Sam September 22, 2009
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When a person has multiple options (dating) and picks based on the current or momentary want, need, time or circumstance. Often times, the choice is based on a material (when women are choosing) or sexual (when men are choosing) gain.
Tasha, you know I’ve been wanting to take you out but you stay choosing and entertaining other men.
by YogagODDess December 5, 2020
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When a person shows interest in more than one person in the same social circle
I was texting her at first, after she saw Gabe she was choosing.
by Jeff_TheWhale August 10, 2018
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To show attraction to the opposite or same sex.
Dawg, I know she looks good, but stop choosing.
by Clayton Brown September 22, 2005
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like when a person only dats certain types of pple because they are shallow. Ex. females who only date jocks, celebs. depending on social status, popularity or money.
by Your girl friends role model January 20, 2010
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When a person has a lot of people interested in em but it's one that stands out of that crowd...if the person notices that 1 person to "get to know" out of everyone else that's CHOOSING!
Kira: Toya i heard Tyrone nd BJ likes you...but Tyrone is a player nd cheap.
Toya: Girl BJ fine, work & direct wit his intentions....im "choosing" his fine self lol.
by CutetyyyT August 12, 2018
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