OOOHHH means a loud shouting sound. The original sound comes from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, when the character Big Smoke said "CJ? OOOHHH, my dawg!"
Big Smoke: You picked the wrong house fool!
CJ: Ay, aaaaaay, big smoke! It's me Carl! Chill chill!
Big Smoke: CJ? OOOHHH, My Dawg! Whassup?!
by GazzeteBoke June 6, 2019
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a nice octopus that likes rap music and raping his mom his daddy is his brother and he whacks his twinkie at peytons thwong
bing bong london ooohhh 69?
by Cooper is wierd April 16, 2019
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An expression of deep anxiety and dissatisfaction with a situation.
Teacher: Oh, by the way, you failed my class. And you gotta go to summer school. Fuck*ng re*ard.

by yeetsondamalker January 6, 2022
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