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Short for "recreational ground" often used as a place to play football.

Just a big field. Preferably near some old industrial place.
"You coming over the reccy to play footie?"
by Myxomatosis August 04, 2005
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1. Anything that single-handedly represents a touch of class, flair or panache amidst otherwise ordinary or mundane settings.

2. A luxury, often wielded by someone undeserving or unqualified.
1. "We just sold our best player, we've lost our Champagne Chic."

2. "His girlfriend bestows upon his youthfulness a sense of Champagne Chic."
by Myxomatosis August 12, 2011
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The act of removing letters from words because the populace of your country is to stupid to comprehend them any other way. (A process synonymous with "Butchering")

It probably pisses you guys off that the English language is named after...the English, but why not go and find another middle eastern country to invade or something.
American 1: "Dude, what's aluminium?"
American 2: "I don't know, let's ignore the system international naming protocol of scientific standards, and just call it something else because we can't handle that many syllables!"
American 1: "Hey man, that's a great idea! Hoo-Arr!"
by Myxomatosis August 05, 2005
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Topshop is the popular highstreet shop which provides the uniform for the entire female populace of the UK aged between 17-21.

The vast majority of these females congregate on university campuses, often bemusing passers by with the ability to blend in with one another and become just as indistinguishable as the person next to them.

Occasionally, large groups of identical females can be seen trawling the highstreet in the evenings in hunt of a male to satisfy their tragically low self-esteem and reassure their superficial personna. These groups are known as "Topshop Brigades". Approach with caution, or lots of money and pseudo-compliments.
Person 1: Dude, with a gene pool full of identical human beings, the human race is fucked!
Person 2: Relax! These people are all genetically different, they just happen to look the same. Although you are correct, with another generation of superficial and fake individuals to look forward to, we are indeed fucked :(.

Person 1: Wow, it's my lucky night man! I just scored with two identical twins!
Person 2: Caution! That's the topshop army you're messing with!
Person 1: Oh man, how could I have been so blind? I'm going to go home and cut off my genitals so I never make that mistake again!

Topshop girl 1: Hey, have you seen my new outfit?
Topshop girl 2: Hey! I have one just like it!
Normal individual: Hey ladies, have you seen these new grenade shaped purses?
by Myxomatosis October 02, 2005
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From the epic conker matches of your childhood. The tear-jearking moment when your (one hundred and eightier) conker loses a part of its shell after a well aimed blow from your opponent.

Usually a sure fire precurssor for a conker match defeat.
"OOOHHH! He's just got a shellshock! he's lost it"
by Myxomatosis August 04, 2005
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