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The female equivalent of manspreading, taking up perfectly good seats with a purse that should be on your lap.
There's nowhere left to sit because of that shebagging bitch.
by Arcxjo November 18, 2017
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The female equivalent of being teabagged. It involves a woman dipping her lady parts onto an unsuspecting victim.

Common side effects for men include involuntary boners, sexual arousal and a rapturous round of high-fives from surrounding men.

In women it may lead to disgust or hopefully a random act of lesbianism.
Gemma was so drunk last night that when Rich passed out from too many cosmos than she was brave enough to get her lady business out and ended up shebagging him. There are so many pictures on facebook of it right now.
by cemaes foley May 03, 2013
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The act of placing your vagina on an unsuspecting, unaware, or unconscious persons head or face; the female equivalent of teabagging.
Her sorority is notorious for she-bagging, Kaden passed out hard at the party and Destiny pulled of her thong and she-bagged him.
by JackAwful October 03, 2014
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When your woman straddles you and plops her boob in your mouth
I was lying on my back while she was shebagging me with her double D cups.
by blight September 01, 2005
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