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A term used by Third-Wave Feminists to describe men who spread their legs - particularly on subway trains - to make room for their genitalia. However, when women set large purses and shopping bags next to them and take up another seat, it goes unnoticed and is generally dismissed because men are disgusting pigs and penises are bad!
"Stop manspreading, you disgusting pig!" said the fat lady with a large purse taking up the seat next to her.
by mugoloo October 09, 2015
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The act of men spreading legs - particularly on a subway train - to create space for genitalia, which has come under fire by certain feminist-leaners who insist the practice takes up too much room on crowded trains.
The dudes took up all the damned space with their manspreading.
by Terry Heaton December 21, 2014
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When a man sits down without having his legs so tightly together he cuts off the blood supply to his genitals and his balls drop off.
James sat down on the train, his legs at an angle of approximately 10 degrees. He is manspreading! James is everything wrong with modern society, is a despicable misogynist and is entirely to blame for the patriarchy.
by dav3dlegend November 04, 2015
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What men do to keep from hurting their balls. This act gets some women annoyed.
I'm sorry ladies for man-spreading but if I don't I will never be able to have a kid.
by Trashist January 12, 2017
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Man spreading is bullshit made up by hardcore feminists. Really it's just how men sit down to not crush there own fucking ball sack and penis.
Feminist: Omg stop man spreading!
Man: (In a calm collective manner) shut up bitch.
by #fuckcancer July 17, 2017
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A natural position in which a man is spreading his legs apart so that he doesn't damage his reproductive organs. Unfortunately some snowflake feminists are a making a big deal about this that somehow this causes oppression while women can cover the whole seat of a subway train with her bags and purses and creating more burdens for other people.
A man sits in a subway seat
Dumb bitch: omg that man is manspreading! Patriarchy is out of control!
Man: Shut up bitch, you and I are mammals and that means you have tits and i have a cock. You wear a bra to protect your boobs while i have to avoid damaging my nutsack.
Dumb bitch: Waaaah! Waaaaah! Im posting my trauma on tumblr.
by Deadmojo January 20, 2019
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Another way for women to start a big issue with men
Feminist 1: this guy on the bus is Manspreading
Feminist 2: we need to submit a video saying how we were sexually assaulted
by Meninistsagainstfeminists January 12, 2017
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