A substance found inside a woman's vagina near her cervix that can either aid or impede insemination. When the mucus is dry and thick, it creates a barrier for sperm. When the mucus is moist and thin, it preserves and propels sperm.

Studies have shown that cervical mucus responds differently based on the genetic makeup of the sperm. It accepts the compatible sperm from a superior male and rejects the incompatible sperm from an inferior mate.
After testing my wife and I and confirming we were both fertile, our fertility doctor theorized that my wife's cervical mucus was rejecting my sperm because I was an inferior beta male. He suggested running a special test to see if an Alpha male like him could inseminate her. After my wife and I agreed, he knocked her up in one try. Thanks to the natural selection performed by my wife's cervical mucus we now have a cuck baby and I'm a chaste cuckold.
by NeverGonnaGetIt69 July 18, 2021
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