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The female equivalent of manspreading, taking up perfectly good seats with a purse that should be on your lap.
There's nowhere left to sit because of that shebagging bitch.
by Arcxjo November 18, 2017

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Advice to a person who ignores happiness by focusing on the misery or boredom that will follow when it's over (e.g. a person eating a delicious burrito from his favorite Mexican restaurant becomes depressed halfway through upon realizing that soon there will be none left to savor).
Quit whining and enjoy your burrito!
by Arcxjo February 25, 2011

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An act similar to teabagging], but with several men standing together and one person maneuvering his head amongst their dangling scrota.
I had a crazy weekend in San Francisco; I even got a beaded curtain!
by Arcxjo June 30, 2011

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a term used by pit bull owners to try to hid the fact their monster will kill any other dog it sees
This good boi is looking for his forever home! Six other families have returned him to the shelter. Angel is a sweet lubbie pibble who is dog reactive so he'll do best in a house with no children or other pets.
by Arcxjo February 25, 2021

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