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Similar to teabag, but for the ladies. A shebag can be accomplished in two distinct ways.

1: Direct shebag. A female accomplishes this by rubbing her naked genitalia on the face of a passed-out or otherwise incapacitated individual, resulting in a fine coating of cooze.

2: Indirect shebag. The more devious form; the female physically inserts an object (a toothbrush, say, or an eating utensil) into her vagina and then replace it without warning. This will often, but not always, result in a thicker coating of cooze, possibly incorporating cervical mucus. Regardless, the shebag is only considered complete when the female informs the victim of her act, preferably after the victim has placed the affected object in his/her mouth.
1: Holy christ, Leah Martin shebagged that guy and the next week he came down with the herpes.

2: You know how Nick worships that $100 pen? Well, when I was fucking his sister, I got her to shebag it for shits and giggles.
by scarshapedstar. May 22, 2008
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A text message asking a question that is not meant to be answered. Frequently addressed to the originator's entire phone book.

These messages can cause confusion by causing dozens of people to think that someone wants to hold an actual conversation with them, when in fact the sender of the message was simply lonely, amused, drunk, or all three.
Alice: Carol just texted me, 'Why the hell can't people in Atlanta use their turn signals?' How the hell should I know? I *do* use my turn signal!

Bob: Relax. It was a rhetorical textion. She sent it to me, too.
by scarshapedstar. January 7, 2009
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n. A penis that can only possibly be described as large when one's even tinier digits are held up alongside it.
That guy I took home last night had the saddest damn drumpf I'd ever seen. I'm 5'2" and it was shorter than my pinky. He put his thumb on it and was all "see? see how the helmet's still stickin' out?" but it was too dark to tell. As I scaled the 50 foot wall to escape his apartment, he yelled something about how I had blood coming out of my 'wherever'.
by scarshapedstar. March 4, 2016
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