A now-defunct revolutionary Japanese indie rock band. They formed in 1995 and disbanded quickly in 2002. They released 4 studio albums: School Girl Bye Bye, School Girl Distortional Addict, Sappukei, and Num-Heavymetallic. They are better than you.

They consist of Mukai, Tabuchi, Nakao, and Inazawa. The song "Omoide In My Head" was played at every one of their shows. It always melted face.
"We're the only ones that have heard of Number Girl in this country, but they rock so hard!"

"Man, Number Girl are better that the Pixies and Husker Du!"
by failicide December 7, 2013
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The actual amount of guys a girl has slept with, not the amount stated

actual # = 2*(given #) + (given #)/2
A girl said she hooked up with 2 people... its actually 5 by "the girl number formula"
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The person you (routinely) get urine from in case you need to pass regular drug tests
I have a drug test coming up so I'll have to call my Number One Guy/Girl to see if they'll be able to give me a sample so I can pass.
by Untimelyzephyr June 27, 2021
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