A private room where a woman can relax, be alone and do whatever she pleases. Similar to a Man Cave.
My wife has turned the guest room into her own private She Shed. Its complete with angels, butterflies, incense, books, and flat screen TV. I am forbidden to enter!
by talk2me-JCH2 June 22, 2017
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Wife: Hey, your going to your Man Cave?
Husband: Yep. Need some me time.
Wife: That's okay, I have my she shed.
by KatKnipp November 26, 2015
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Women who constantly groom themselves by pulling long hair from their head and dropping it on the floor, furniture, bedding, kitchens and bathrooms. It gets on people's clothes, in their food and in their mouth and is very gross.
I was trying to eat my meal in peace, and a long hair was in my takeout meal. Someone at that burger joint was she-shedding. hair in food, hair, long hair, women, hairnet, grooming, comb, brush
by joecoolthefool August 17, 2015
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A place where closer lesbians go to cheat on their boyfriend/husband
"I love that girl, but she's always spending so much time with that woman and her she shed"
by fayve March 13, 2020
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That sort of secret space under the bed where a girl keeps her dildos.
Girl, I keep my toys in the 'under the bed she-shed'!
by NatashaRomanov April 16, 2021
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