Cool smelling sticks of fragrant shtuff that you light up, so it slow burns white smoke all over the surrounding area. Though many potheads use it to cover up the smell of their dank, it's a false stereotype. A superfluous amount of Febreeze is usually the real pothead dedector.

Also a great word to start a conversation on so you can laugh at people that accidentally say 'incest'.
Me: "He, you like incense?"
Friend: "Yeah, I LOVE incest!"
ME: *laughs*
Friend: "Shit!"
by Average Homie March 9, 2005
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very fragrant. sometimes used for meditation and/or religious rituals. light the end and it slowly smoulders to the bottom leaving the room smelling of whatever you just burnt.
i use dragons blood, sandalwood, and white sage for meditation.
by bob johansen July 22, 2005
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something you inhale, like cigarette smoke, so be mindful to not develop lung cancer. skip!
the modern person: if i can't use incense sticks to build up an atmosphere and make my house smell nice, what else? diffuser oils?
Doug: what are they made of? hopefully something ok for lungs. check! but why not bake some cookies, you can add vanilla extract, it works! plant some nice lilies or citruses, and figure out how to get them to bloom in sequence, so that you always see and smell something nice around. or just bake more cookies with lots of vanilla extract, everyone will like you more!
by wokeup2this July 9, 2022
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The act of being completely and utterly pissed.
I was incensed by the mere presences of James
by musicislove12 July 2, 2010
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What every nirvana store smells like because they burn them all the time
Micheal Jackson: Hey girllll wanna go to nirvana.
Whitney Houston: Nah sorry bro ion like the smell of the incense.
by ED04 June 26, 2019
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Incensed (v): To be inundated with incense.
"I walked into that hippy's house and totally got incensed, I thought I was gonna choke."
by jtothalo April 28, 2010
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n. A cigarette. Particularly when standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus. Invariably as soon as the bus incense is lit, before a second puff can be enjoyed, the bus appears.
Damn, its cold on this corner and I've been waiting 15 minutes for the bus. I wish I still smoked coffin nails because I would light some bus incense and it would be here in like 10 seconds flat.
by homoguytom January 17, 2013
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