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a word used to describe nappy-naps in the back of a females head...On the sitcom "Martin" he often uses this word to insult the character "Pam"...because her back edges are apparently nappy and rough...
Nay: Ooh gurl!...Yo kitchens need some work!!!

Tiff: Oh I know gurl!...I didn't have time to get a perm last night!

Nay: You coulda' at least brushed them up with some gel or SOMETHIN'!!!

Tiff: I DID! But I guess ma'
kitchens iz just THAT ROUGH!!!!
by Channen January 13, 2008
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the back of the nape. (usually used in the phrase nape of the neck).Afro-amerain women or southen women call it"The Kitchen"
Dont forget to comb your "Kitchen" girl.
by Dawndy August 12, 2010
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The hair on the back of you neck that is nappy, un-tameable
Damn your kitchen look messed up. or Man your kitchen is lookin' like whoopi goldbers' arm pit.
by Kit' chin August 22, 2003
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A nickname for the holdem hand ten three (T-3) offsuit, a term used by many prominent online poker players, and coined by the professional online poker player Jamie Armstrong, aka pokerjamers
I flatted his three bet with kitchens, and he got really mad when he saw what I had when I flopped the full house.
by driverseati May 23, 2012
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A mysterious place full of sharp, pointed objects, deadly gas-operated incinerators, things that go 'ping' and a big, cold wardrobe full of beer which is the only true incentive for entering the room in the first place
*there is no example at this time*
by Anony! November 24, 2004
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Where the goods are cooked, things are shipped/delivered, people get swerved, and basically all the dope shit happens. Sometimes referred to as the bakery.
Cook1: I'll be right back, I gotta go whip up some boulder in the kitchen.

Dude1: Pass the blunt first, nigga!
by sunstir June 20, 2010
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