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a unique rock band that got sold out by Interscope records and is known to many as a "kiddie" band. Currently trying to make a comback on their own record company Beautiful Bomb. Early Hits include Walking on the sun, allstar, then the morning comes. Best albums are Fush Yu Mang and Astro Lounge.
person 1~ Did u get Smash Mouth's new cd Summer Girl?
person 2~ No. Smash Mouth sux.
person 1~ No. Interscope sold them out. They are on a indie lable now.
person 2~ *Listens* Hey this is good. kinda like before they got sold out. Smash Mouth Rocks
by Ha Ha You're Dead January 24, 2007
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authentic, raw, real, hardcore, manly; as opposed to wussified, metrosexual, fake
Usually used in connection with American Football, "to play smashmouth football"; allegedly coined by Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka.
Also the name of two US-American bands.
"Oo-er, I'm afraid I've strained my ankle and need to be rushed to the hospital!"
"Forget it! We're playing smashmouth Rayman Raving Rabbids here!"
by Zwentibold December 29, 2007
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One of the best bands in the world. Starting from 1994 to the present day they accomplished a lot of history. Their Song All star has made a lot of people inspired by everything which you will hear on the Movie Shrek 1.
Person 1: Hey dude do you like Taylor Swift?
Person 2: Hell no I Like Smash Mouth
by NYRangers2003 July 16, 2013
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