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The irrational voter excitement for the midterm or presidential elections. The media, wealthy donors and secret political organizations stoke the fires for months that a victory by your favorite political party will somehow dramatically improve your life and the nation. It won’t unless you are a super rich person or large corporation. electiral, electoral college, voter, voting, politics, political corruption, politician, DC, political swamp, Washington D.C., DC swamp, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Trump, Obama, Clinton, mainstream media, lamestream media, CNN, Fox News, Senators, Congressmen, Congress, midterm elections, presidential elections
I do not understand all of this electoral euphoria over the midterms. The elections won’t eliminate the DC swamp and all of the corruption.
by joecoolthefool November 3, 2018
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A person who expresses all of their emotions in text messages, emails, twitter or facebook using emojis or hashtags. They seem incapable of just typing or saying what they think or how they feel. emoji, emotion, twitter, facebook, texting, text, hashtag
I am so tired of the emojiemotions people use to tell everyone every single emotion that they have. I don't care!
by joecoolthefool December 3, 2015
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The alcoholic beverage you drink prior to a flight, on a flight or in between flights while traveling by plane. emotional support animal, seeing-eye dog, travel companion, air travel, airplane, airport, airline, alcohol, booze, hooch, drunk, intoxicated, wasted, beverage, whiskey, bourbon, beer, vodka, flight attendant
The flight was so turbulent, when we land, I am definitely going to need an emotional support beverage.
by joecoolthefool December 11, 2018
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A person who passes incredibly foul smelling gas that comes from eating hot, spicy food from a specific culture or country. Mexican, Ethiopian and Chinese food are examples of food that can easily lead to these types of farts. fart, passing gas, pooting, break wind, rip one, gaseous anomaly, silent but deadly, flatulence, cut the cheese
No man, don't try to tell me that was a dead skunk we rolled past. You just let an ethnic fart! My eyes are watering bro!
by joecoolthefool June 29, 2016
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The hypermasculine reality tv shows where men race muscle cars, cutdown forests, explore jungles, build log cabins and live as mountain men. reality tv, race cars, mountain men, explorers, MMA, firemen, cops, television, cable tv, alpha male, tough guy, manly man, real man, alpha-male tv
Every Sunday night, I like to watch alpha male tv. I spend all week at a desk job, so seeing men explore the outdoors is awesome.
by joecoolthefool August 7, 2017
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The weird tendency for people to all park next to each other even when the entire parking lot is empty and there is plenty of space to spread out. park, parking, car, truck, parking lot, huddle, cuddle, crowd, cluster
Every time I go to the gym, I park far away from the entrance and yet everyone parks their car next to mine. People like to car cuddle.
by joecoolthefool March 3, 2017
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The excessive gore and violence on tv, in the movies and covered in media. Also referred to as torture porn. carnage, murder, torture, death, torture porn, horror movies, monsters, maniacs, blood, flesh, mass shootings, stab, shoot, gun, knife, killer
I’m not a fan of the movies in the 2000s because there was too much carnage candy for me. I agree John.
by joecoolthefool October 14, 2018
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