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The meaning of life. The reason it is a simple number and even stated as a joke is because it is not literally the meaning to life. The meaning behind it is that investigating what the number could mean is the most exciting part, the conclusion that it was a joke is symbolism. 42 = Life is the journey, not the destination. The answer to life isn't going to be very interesting. It is the journey discovering what the meaning of life is, not the meaning itself.
Quoted from hitch hikers guide to the galaxy:
"What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?"
by Frauggu March 31, 2017
Something that literally does not exist under any circumstances and is a made up term when a person can't actually create a constructive argument so they resort to it as their backup plan.
Bob: "Hey! how come you didn't tell me about the one thing you didn't even know about?! You should know what it was! It's just common sense!"
Me: "what"
by Frauggu February 10, 2018
by Frauggu March 16, 2017