Shawn is the definition of freeakin amazing, another name for cool kid .
Oh m gee Bob is such a Shawn .
by ChantelleTatum September 9, 2008
The best and most loving daddy there is. He would do anything for his little boy Aka muchachito punkalito. Also is crazy about guns and tacos.
Hey you know that guy that loves guns and tacos and is crazy about his little boy ?
Oh yea that’s shawn❤️
by Cheypiepootytang September 18, 2020
Shawn is a caring, funny, guy. Who will care for you even if he doesn't realize he is. If he cares about you, you will mean the world to him. He will make you think of the world in brand new ways you never thought you would. If he likes you he will absolutely tell you. He will always tell you how absolutely stunning you are and will not lie to you. He will literally make sure you know you are perfect. He will joke with you even though most of the time you will not know that he is joking. He will also make sure everyone around him is respecting girls. ;))
Yea man, I was just taking to Shawn, and he was talking about his beautiful, new, girl.
by ohhhyeaaa October 10, 2020
If you ever meet a Shawn it will be the best day of your life! They are really sweet and kind. They have lots of friends,and are usually born in August. Sometimes could look a little drowsy with messy hair but it is very cute! He also has messy hair when he wakes up or even in general when he really needs a haircut! Besides for that, he is sweet, kind, handsome, charming, responsible, and honest. Make sure to get yourself a Shawn!
Do you see that kid back there?
His name is Shawn now i understand
by Puppy doggie February 19, 2019
A tall guy, usually he has brown curly hair. He is probably the best kisser you will meet and knows how to have a good time. He'll please any girl. But he ISNT interested in breaking your heart. he will never try to pressure you into sex. he is amazing to you. And he wont let you ever talk down about yourself.
by supermanisloveable October 16, 2010
Possibly the most perfect person walking the Earth. Average male height at about 5'7" with long, black, hair. Extremely outgoing and very sweet and down to earth. He has the most beautiful face you have ever seen and can make anyone fall in love with the slightest look. The most perfect person in the world and I could never ask for better--there is no such thing. You can't find any better than him, he's the greatest. Has the smile that can melt your heart, just like it melt mine.
Shawn Nipple Jeffrey Badonkadonk Graves. <3
by M4dd4wg May 25, 2011
He is the best person you’ll ever meet
When you meet him you will instantly fall in love

If you ever get the chance to date a Shawn make sure you never let go
Me: OMG guess who my new boyfriend is
My friend: Who

Me: Shawn

My friend: Make sure you never let go girl
by Queeeeeeen_M November 20, 2018