A radical food hybrid which tops the classic american frankfurter with a scoop of delightful ice cream. Yum Yum!
Brady and Joelle invented the cool dog, it's freakin' delish, i'll take two!! Hey, have you also tried their tunaughty sandwich? Goes great with a cool b.
by jleung April 8, 2010
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a girl that will do anything for a guy thats cool
damn bitch your a ho dog cool
by amanda June 26, 2004
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someone who is super cool but also smells like a dog.
that guy over there would be super awesome if he wasn't such a cool dude dog
by 509-919-7630 November 16, 2020
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That sayin that u say when u see an aminal like a snake or sum
Cool dog

*snake slithers away*
by Big psych January 23, 2022
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