A popular grain alcohol, commonly available for $20.00 at most liquor stores.
The catch is that this alcohol is 190 proof, which means that, for those who can do the math, this shit is 95% pure alcohol, higher than over the counter rubbing alcohol. The most amazing part of drinking it is not how three shots can fuck you up to a reasonable degree or the fact that there is a XXX on the bottle, but instead the fact that it leaves your mouth numb and your throat slightly burned if drank straight.
The kind of drink to enjoy when feeling suicidal, but not when you want to hook up, for you will end up passed out on the floor naked with a strong case of whiskey dick anyway.
"Did you get that graves, son?"
"Hell yeah, brother. I'm trying to put dem purple spots on my liver tonight."
by URI boi October 02, 2008
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1.A person who uses religion,or other means as a tool to get attention from others.

2.Someone who lies more then the average person does in a lifetime.

3. A Thief
Dude thats the last time I go to church and watch people pull a graves.

Lady tell the truth and don't be pulling a graves on me.

Hey man did you see that pull a graves a the jewelry store?!
by Cold_Blooded_Snake November 26, 2011
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Dude: Did you really eat four cheeseburgers??

Dude2: Grave, dawg, I did!
by LGreen March 12, 2012
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Graving is the hobby of searching out specific graves for genealogy or curiosity of the rich and famous. Also includes the hobby of photographing quantities of grave stones to post on genealogical web sites, or to www.findagrave.com. Some think of this word as a slang word.
In the course of our hobby we would say we are going graving, implying that we will be in a cemetery taking photographs.
by Scott Buschlen June 17, 2007
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The last name of a complete unit, he is a monster at everything he does and the funniest person you’ll meet, never disrespect this young blood.
Bro did u see graving dunk on AD
by Nocapalonzo November 08, 2018
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