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A redhead but not the cool dark auburn red heads with hazel eyes but the pasty pale redheads with a pointed nose .One that always looks like she is smelling shit .This is where the "bitch redhead " comes from . She also can not tan and she will have pale white or light red eyelashes that look like prawn legs .Gross.
Hey I heard u were dating a redhead.I hope she's not a prawn cuz she'll be a world classbitch.
by Upyerkilt333 April 13, 2016
An extremely douchy guy who intializes his name to this lame attempt to appear cool. These creatures are found usually in small towns in central Texas who frequent meth houses expecting free meth . The worst thing these guys do is make their grandmother say B.J whenever she sees him . Shameful.
Hey is B.J. coming over for Christmas dinner ?
I hope not my children and Grandma Ellie will be here ... I can't bear to hear them say B.J.on our saviors birthday .
by Upyerkilt333 January 12, 2022
A medical condition that occurs when you see a huge cold sore from your nose to your lip and the site of this causes an epileptic seizure
Ohh call 911 ... this girl is seizing .

She'll snap out of it .She has that new autoimmune disease herpelipsy...she glanced in the bathroom mirror and saw that massive lesion......and now she'll seize for 15 mins .
by Upyerkilt333 October 17, 2021
Is a facial expression found only in Cleburne Texas. This look appears whenever the Cleburner hears or sees something she disproves of ... the look consists of : the extreme pulling downward of the eyebrows while squinting the eyes . There will be a massive line in the face between the eyebrows . THe head will be shaking back and forth while the awful sound of HUHHH ??? is emitted from the mouth ... it will end with saying "uh uh not in my America "
Hey Alan I think your mom is mad at me !!! I mentioned other religions besides Christianity .Look at they way she is looking at me !!!

Yes Tony she is mad at ya . she got Cleburne face.

by Upyerkilt333 April 22, 2020
A condition whete you have hepatitis and epilepsy.
Should we help that guy .. it looks like he is having a seizure ..there is alot a spit coming from his mouth .

Wait don't touch him ..he has hepilepsy
by Upyerkilt333 September 29, 2016
To fix something well with what is lying around .
He used dental floss , a thumbtack , an old mad magazine from 1981 to fix that engine , is that safe .?
Yes he totally Griggsed it ....
by Upyerkilt333 October 17, 2021