(noun) A large and formidable posterior
Denise does not need a car, she can bounce home on her badonkadonk.
by Scheissemann May 18, 2009
An amazingly large buttocks with exceptional bounce and shape. Particularly found on African American, Latino, and German/Irish women.

Known to bring tears to men's eyes. May also cause traffic accidents and random male harassment.
by The Book of Revelations January 29, 2010
adjective used to described buttocks of exceptional quality and bounce.
by Ness October 12, 2003
An ass of Goddess quality. Absolute ambrosia level ass, off the international 'Bootyscale'. Hell yeah!

CANNOT be a skinny assed ass under any circumstances.
"Hey gangster Bernie! Checkout that Badonkadonk ass over there right next to the baxketball court!"
by Cret January 23, 2004
Goodness Gracious, Lord All Mighty, THAT GIRL GOT A BAH-DONK-A-DONK!
by kitty August 18, 2003
A fat, succulent behind that brings tears to one's eyes.
Lance Alvers
by RatchetBoo September 7, 2003