He is sexy, sweet, lovable, caring, totally handsome and smart. Witty and slick, slightly perverted but always funny. Sexy deep voice that could melts anyone's heart. Pro at all kinds of video games, can drive stick and skateboard. A guy that every women wants but is totally taken.

Most awesome guy in the world!

-thumbs up at all the other definition of shawn too!-
Girls:" Oh Look it's Shawn!!"

Scary Shadow Figure: "Back off...he's mine!"

I have a Shawn, Love <3
by Shawnel October 28, 2010
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Shawn has 7 variant forms: Shaun, Shaughn, Shaundre, Shawnel, Shawnell, Shawnn and Shonn. But SHAWN is the proper spelling for it for sure. Some Shawn’s posses the ability of Immortality (or eternal life) that is the concept of living in a physical or spiritual form for an infinite or inconceivably vast length of time. Shawn’s also tend to be prone to miracles (an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment) for example: cheating death.
(miracle) (imortality) (7) (Shawn)
by darbydog February 02, 2010
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THIS BOI. Really tho his guy is kool. But like. He can be petty as shiznats. He likes to BANG BANG BANG with ur gf. Das it. Oh and he’s a fucking Nintendo addict.
Is that Shawn? He’s probably playing smash.

by Kononotsu November 10, 2018
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Husband of Kayla and secretly loves her but refuses to tell her
by DependableSkeleton November 10, 2013
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is a very emotional person. She trusts everyone,believes in fate, karma and true love.She is compassionate, kind, caring, loving,giving,sexy,hot and an all round fun person to be around. Shawn wants to make everyone else happy and make sure everyone elses need are met before her own.Shawn is the most unselfish person you will ever meet and would give you th shirt off her back if needed. Her eyes are the most amazing thing to look at.
I want to be a Shawn.
by Friend_forever February 03, 2010
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simply a pretty boy....
thinks to himself that he is WAY COOL and secretly he is

really bad a rock, paper, scissors
need work with 7 hand poker too ;)
Girl 1: He is such a shawn!
Girl 2: I know, but he is so hot, I want him!
by lets86that December 16, 2007
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A name that may be the most altered one-syllable name in the English language.

Not only does it originate from a different name that still exists (John), but it also contains the most alternative spellings for a one-syllable word, including: Shaun, Sean, and Shon.

The name can also be altered by adding random words or sounds at the beginning, such as: Keyshawn, Marshawn, Deshawn. *A note to parents: Extreme care should be used when using these variants as people will expect your child to be a great athlete if given a name like this.

Shawn also crosses the gender line, as one may find women with the same name. For female names, variants can be made by adding syllables to the end of words, making Shawn into Shawna or Shondra .
Shawn looked at his Starbucks cup to see that the barista managed to mispell his name again.
by One of many Shawn's February 06, 2010
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