A sexy, hazel eyes babe. These guys are friends with everyone, and are very flirty. You'll be lucky if you snag one.
"Damn who's that...they are fine as hell."
Oh of course, that's Shawn
by ItsAlwaysAndForever December 15, 2016
A sweet, caring guy who you will never want to stay apart from. Doesn’t matter where you are you just want to talk to him. He has an amazing heart and sense of humor. Isn’t afraid to tell you the straight out truth, which. Shawn doesn’t want to lose his love ones and will do anything to keep his girlfriend happy. Will play video games as much as possible. Usually Shawn’s are brunettes, with hazel eyes.
“Did you see shawn ?? “
“ yes!!! God, I want myself a Shawn
by Just a normal human stfu August 31, 2018
Shawn is a handsome, nice, kind, intelligent, cool guy. He's friends with everyone and everyone likes him. Usually rich. Shawn's are overall pretty awesome.
Shawn is so cool

I really like Shawn
by Just a guy 01 June 15, 2016
1) A good person
2) The best thing that has happened to you
3) A person you can't stand to be away from
You: I want a Shawn.
by trashlolman June 29, 2009
An exceptional, deep, intelligent, devoted, and unparalleled animal. He is very severe at times, but also knows when to be foolish. He is an original, provocative, rational, witty, perceptive, arousing, resourceful, creative, loving, seductive, mysterious, heavenly, unusual, attractive, clever, profound, solitary, unequalled, coldhearted individual. He enjoys long days out on a boat, (occasionally catching more fish than he lets get away) and can literally spend days on end playing video games. His amazing sense and ingenuity make him an astounding lover and a respectable cook.
1. "That guy is a total Shawn."

2. "I'm glad I married a Shawn ."
by evil_kimberly August 19, 2009
The one guy from high school who did not change.
He is such a Shawn. He is still good at math and is cringy even after 10 years of high school.
by Jakestol69 April 30, 2019
Shawn is a great friend and someone fun to talk to, easily makes people laugh and truthful. Gets very serious at times but mostly outgoing. RICH white boy usually. Can seem shy at first but once you get to know them, they're talkative. Good looking. Likes to hang out more than anything, doesn't like big groups as he tends to stay with small groups.
Shawn is one cool dog!
by 4nal LEaking April 22, 2017