1 tasteless; flavorless; flat
2 uninteresting; lifeless; dull; boring

vapid talk
by xtina699 August 2, 2003
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A shallow pretentious woman that is full of herself. A materialistic individual that isn't very deep.
by vinnyL September 15, 2011
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Vapid: 1) offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging. 2) Mike Pence.
"Pence is vapid and tedious in public, which speaks to his appeal among Republicans: It is easier to sneak through reactionary measures when your public persona is that of a milquetoast puppet."
by Luckless Dog February 16, 2019
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A new wave of meme trolling.
Predominantly used by gays as their form of sage.
Example 1
Lord English: Oh hey did you guys hear about Lady GaGa?
Potato: I heard she was vapid.
All of anonymous to Potato: Get out.

Example 2
Anonymous: I'm in love with my straight best friend, wat do?
Ohaisup: Make love to him.
Sageononymous: Kill yourself.
Anonymous: VAPID
by Anonymousfag February 19, 2010
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Derogatory term for a female, implying superficiality, materialism, vanity, and a hollow emptiness. May also imply promiscuity, but not necessarily.
Paris Hilton is a vapid cunt, because she is completely materialistic and empty inside.

**In the future one may want to know all the possible meanings of a term before referring to others as morons. :D
by Izabella August 27, 2006
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A nasty bitch who is all about herself and thinks shes all the ahit when really everyone hates her
Veronica is such a vapid bitch ugh!
by Vapid bitch69 September 15, 2017
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the absolute epitome of "i bought my first car".
Joe: i just bought my first car!
Mike: what is it?
Joe: vapid dominator
Mike: called it.
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