someone that is known for not answering messages or not being social to others besides their group of friends
by imvalid May 5, 2019
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Adj. Describing the change in behavior of someone who has "made it" or think they have "made it," particularly in entertainment. Usually consisting of a poor attitude towards old things that one used to enjoy, acting conceited, spending lavish amounts of money, trading in old friends for new friends that are part of that scene, etc.
Sarah's been acting so hollywood ever since she got cast in that movie.
by socalchick August 5, 2007
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Where you wax your punani completley, so there is nothing left.
A:Where is your hair?
B:I had a hollywood..
by the father of pindia July 25, 2006
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A nickname for someone who is too cool.
Hollywood, I don't want any excuses, come out tonight.
by SammyH July 28, 2007
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as known as boujie, when they know you, and they see you they don't speak
harman: "Ayo look Kristina!"
Kristina: *looks* *walks away*
harman: "yo you being mad hollywood rn"
by your only thicc friend kali February 19, 2019
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When you do something so that it looks complete, but is actually missing 99% of what is expected.

When you have an assignment due so you do the first problem and scribble stuff on the rest of the page in the hopes that the teacher only looks at the top before giving you a grade.
I have a program to write for work, but my boss doesn't code. I'm just going to hollywood the program so the autodoc looks complete.
by ksadya March 7, 2011
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he is so hollywood, in reference to "Hollywood Montrose" from the 1987 movie, "Mannequin"
by MJN157 April 29, 2010
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