is an example of
This is what democracy looks like! (You obviously don't know what democracy is or should be. Here is an example of (real) democracy!)
by ErnstNBlunt February 11, 2018
Looks like an angel - acts like a Devil. This describes a young girl who is beautiful in appearance but behaves wickedly!
Oh, Cassandra she looks like an angel but acts like a Devil!
by I, Wreckerrr October 30, 2020
It's EXACTLY what it looks like.
Josh expelled "It's not what it looks like!" when his girlfriend stormed into his room, only to continue with his obvious relations upon her leaving.
by omAcronAlpha September 9, 2010
Basically saying that person looks so good you can eat them all up .
Daaam baby you looking like a snack!
by Senpaijosh May 31, 2016
a person ( usually female) that is ugly and is different from the rest of her/his friends
person 1: she look like a toe

person 2: ya she is so ugly
by jjrules14 July 24, 2017
What someone says about a girl they don't like.
(Guy): She looks like fish! Hahaha!!
(Me): Say my girl look like a fish again...and I'll give you gill's.

"Never my girl a name...cause I'll make you look like a fish"
by It's Glow Stick him self March 19, 2018