He lives somewhere in the High Sierra, in "one bar" service area, both in bars and 3G.
by Jadesqr September 21, 2011
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A single pole that is shoved up the cunt or asshole which is incredibly hard to escape from.
My favorite porn videos are one bar prisons. I love to hear the bitches scream!
by Unclerandy'splayth1ng June 21, 2019
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aka farter one bars .. eat these thing at your own risk .. the gas these thing will give you .. will scare small children kill small animal in your home.. peel the paint from your walls. and if you are out side they will cause birds to drop out of the sky... and will like get you a visit from the epa..
john: man what happened to your house

steve: i ate a box of fiber one bars .

john: damn !!! your house look like its been through a hurricane

steve : man you dont even want to know
by rip van stinkle January 12, 2012
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The most shocking and contreversial goldentones movie inspired from two girls one cup
Dude you have to see two guys one bar it is disgusting

Aaryn- I just saw a weird video
Anthony- What video

Aaryn- Two guys one bar
Anthony- How was it
Aaryn- Interesting I think we should try what they did
by gkellls July 11, 2009
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Similar to one hit wonder, a one bar wonder is an artist who has seen success of a very small portion of their song as a result of a viral tik tok sound. The result of this is fans attending concerts not knowing the lyrics to full songs, only the portion that is popular on tik tok.
Wow Ice Spice really is a one bar wonder…she had a concert and her “fans” only knew the chorus to Munch..
by ImmediateAce October 31, 2022
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