Quite literally The feeling of hunger for sex.

If you had a regular Sexual partner and then suddenly had to stop. Your going to go through this .

if you haven't had "it" in a while your going to have this feelilng.

Feeling sexual hunger is natural, and annoying.

Symtoms include: Uncontrolled drooling, super high heart rate, an unusually super strong sexual feeling, easily turned on.
Dam! That girl was for sure Sex hungry! I mean she was like drooling when we passed by her dude
by Theamazinggeek February 24, 2019
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Excessive likes on a Facebook page as soon as a friend request is accepted.
Damn that guy was sex hungry did you see how many likes he put on your page as soon as you accepted his friend request.
by Midnightoker0820 December 14, 2019
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