Lack of Nutrients, Starvation, Poor quality food, eg eating potato and bread only, drinking river water. Poor health.
Look at Daniel Christie, he looks malnourished. Yeah his family only feeds him potatoes for dinner once every two days.
It means you don’t have enough nutrients. Also, commonly used as a pickup-line.
“ Aw, you look malnourished
Let's get some bread, fry the egg yolk and drown it in syrup”
-Tyler, The Creator
by BigChokolate July 17, 2021
malnourished means that you are very cool are good looking or even that you are doing something right .
Yes Tevin it's giving malnourished!
by its giving malnourished October 10, 2021
Starve your gay husband for 2 weeks and only feed them liquid cheese and screwdrive his anus out.
by Starved kid from iraq January 21, 2021
In most scenarios, it means to make love to a woman. Once in a while though, it will have a literal definition.
Guy One: "Dude, I heard you went out with Sally last night!"
Guy Seven: "Yeah man."
Guy One: "Were you malnourishing the baby snake?"
Guy Seven: "All night long man!"
by Nate Taylor November 7, 2007
1.Titty malnourishment, is when you have lack of titty seeing and eventually (from the inside) die of titty malnourishment

2. Titty malnourishment is when you die from lack of woman ba-donkers and his homies diagnosed him with titty malnourishment
Tony didn't get to see his girlfriends double D's and straight up died from titty malnourishment
by D3ADL0X November 1, 2022