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A sarcastic word for "drugs."

To be used in a sarcastic sense like how internets would be used.
u guise, let's do sum DURGS

Yo man, I'm staying away from those kinds of durgs.
by bromie December 06, 2008
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(v) combination of the two words heard and dig; meaning to understand someone
"do you understand what i'm saying?"
"yea, I durg."
by djnickybones December 12, 2009
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Another name for your dog.
When you talk to a Durg they respond by tilting their head back and forth.
A Durg will happily tilt their head back and forth as long as you keep talking to them.
A Durg believes they are your baby and Durgs love long conversations especially if you use babytalk with them..
Awww is that a baby junior Durg, is that mamas baby Durg, awww look at the baby Durg, does that baby Durg want a treat, does the Durg want to go outside is that what the baby Durg wants, awww that's a good junior Durg, momma loves her does her Durg, does the junior Durg love his momma.
by PRETTY IN COPPER January 26, 2017
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to stab, puncture or pierce with a blunt object.
Nate flew through the air and durged himself with a piece of rebar that was sticking out of a nearby building.
by ...oops February 04, 2010
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durg (adjective)

a type of feeling after one is bored out of their minds, like a fake high.
PERSON 1:dude, did you hear, john doe is on durgs
PERSON 2:WTQ, thats not good
by djexx May 01, 2007
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Any member or close affiliate of the <> squad. See derg.
sup derg? jow you reppin'
by lonrey February 20, 2003
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