Will Noon, the seediest guy around.
Person: Aw look at this picture of fun.
Person 2: Who is that in the background?
by blahblahblah58 August 4, 2012
Doing or saying something extremely creepy or gross -- seedy.
1. John: Wanna hear my rule with girls? If there's grass on the pitch play ball.
Alex: Man you're good at chuckin a seedy one!

2. The fine art of randomly doing a Mr Baldy impersonation.
by MR BALDY March 4, 2008
A man in his 30s and up who looks at younger girls (guys) with a eyes full of lust. Occasionally they will say "How you doing?" in a slurred and "sensual" way.
Jim Peng (32 year old guy): How you doing?

Girl (18 years old): Eww you seedy old man! Get away from me
by The messanger of truth January 20, 2011
that person who is generally being seedy all the time and filling their time doing seedy things such as going to stalker bars at their school and staying in the lockers being seedy looking through the window.
omg you guys are such seedy mcseed seeds going to the bars and trying to hide near the wall! stop being so seedy lol kendra sasha tiahn etc
by lolsashykennylol November 15, 2010
Being 'seedy' is the result of smoking lots of weed from last night.

Australian slang
Dude last night i had 10 cones, im feeling so seedy rn
by massiveslayerpeen69 March 10, 2020
Someone who is well dressed and looking sharp or something that can act on its own accord.
An example of seedy is a person with a high IQ. An example of seedy is someone who is dressed neatly in fashionable clothes.
by Hadto November 24, 2021
Just weird. Used in context could mean good or bad but just a bit of a weird person
'Have you seen Veer recently?'
'No he's being very seedy'

'Do you like Gabriel?'
'No he's far too seedy'
by Neil the Nonce May 27, 2022