A New Zealand male with predominantly brown hair, with a small yellow tuft of hair on his crown.
Mark is known as Seagull
by Sh-anal June 09, 2010
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A derogatory term for a lurker who briefly acts like a troll, then quickly goes back to lurking. Someone who posts an inflammatory discussion on a BBS system, then doesn't acknowledge any responses.
That bitch is such a seagull, she totally lied about Justin Timberlake online, and then she wouldn't acknowledge it after we proved she was wrong.
by Calvin Lawson April 20, 2008
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These are the people ,only barely, running around walmart on black friday just grabbing everything they see, not even knowing if they want it, but grabbing anyway and even fighting over cheep crap just because the price tag says 80 or 90% off. This could happen at other stores and also on other days but the ultimate outcome is usually some redneck being charged with assult for attacking someone else who grabbed a playstation 3 just before they could.
Look at all those sea gulls in line at walmart, blackfriday is 2 days away. My wife wants to go shopping on black friday but I don't want to get hit by another sea gull this year who waited in line 2 days before for a 2 dollar toaster.
by rockymntnoysters January 19, 2009
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Nature's version of welfare recipients.
Seagulls and welfare recipients are a lot alike...they both sit around waiting for handouts, spawn uncontrollably, and make a lot of noise that irritates the shit out of everything around them.
by JustAnotherGuy October 26, 2012
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When i guy and a girl are having sex on the beach and right before your about to cum He dips his dick in the sand and puts it back in.
It hurts when he puts it in after the sand so she screams representing a seagull
by jju August 09, 2008
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A person with an extremely bad haircut.
Taken from the lead singer of the 80s 'pop' group, A Flock of Seagulls who had possible the worse fashion disaster for hair of all times.
God, look at that blokeโ€™s seagull.
by mcrbloke August 03, 2005
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1) The bird that eats any scrap of food it can get, also known as a flying rat.
2) When a couple is having sex on the beach and the male takes out his penis and puts it in the sand. Once his penis has been emersed in sand, the male proceeds to shove in back in the female's vagina.
Yo I was at the beach with this dumb bitch and I was going to bust in her face, but I gave her a seagull instead.
by j0e March 27, 2003
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