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Shortened version of the common phrase 'Billy-no-mates'.
Used to describe someone who is a social retard and thus does not have any friends.
Usually sits at the front of the classroom and talks inanely to teachers about utter tripe in order to gain friendship.
Oi dickhead, you are such a billy
by Simon Young March 22, 2008
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Sexual act - probably with a girl you don't get on with - when just before coming, you punch the girl in the nose and then giving her a facial.
Caution: This may get you sent to prison...
John: Hey man, did you get with Sally last night...
Dave: Hell yeah! I gave that bitch a Raspberry Ripple!
John gives Dave a high five
by Simon Young March 22, 2008
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A county of England situated on the eastern coast. (It is the northern half of the 'hump').
Notable in particular for the person who inhabit this surprisngly backward place - compared to the rest of UK. Many dwellers seem to partake in activities others would consider inappropriate such as inbreeding and beastiality. Because of this the offspring of such folk are mentally retarded, with their accents sounding gibberish.
Also to note is the abundance of persons who have webbed feet or extra fingers to traverse the swampy area known as 'The Wash'.
Care should be taken when entering this land or interacting with the people.
Person A: Do you fancy taking a trip to Norfolk today?
Person B: Hell no! It's full of inbred weirdo's!

Person C: How are you today?
Norfolk person: Oi bey goode lad oi've jast bin seeing to moi annimaals...
by Simon Young March 22, 2008
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A really shitty moped or scooter
Usually ridden by a teenage lad/girl who can't afford a car or can be arsed to get a licence
Dave the local yob was seen by the police driving his put-put across the local park. What a knobber.
by Simon Young March 22, 2008
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A club made for a person whom the creators feel sorry for.
By classing it as 'appreciation' rather than lust the homoerotic nature of the club is ignore and thus is seen normal.
The 'appreciated' member is usually the only one that carries on the club after a while to keep up the appearance of being wanted.
Jack: Are you part of the George Bush Appreciation Society?
Dave: No man... who made that club?
Jack: Bin Laden I think...
by Simon Young March 22, 2008
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Past tense for a victim of seagulling wherin the person has had cum thrown at them by a random person or stranger for a laugh.
This person may have had their experience filmed to make the situation more degrading/hilarious depending on perspective
Jack: Do much last night?
Dave: Well, when walking through the park i got seagulled by some random people...
Jack consoles Dave by giving him a loving kiss
by Simon Young March 23, 2008
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North Norfolk town which during the Tudor period was the most important port in Britain.
How things change.
It's is now a much ridiculed town wherin the inhabitants and those from the surrounding area are a sub-species of human known as 'Lynners'
Traits of Lynners include:
Poor communication skills; 'Wha' y' sey' buh?
Owner of a concealed weapon of some description
Wearer of cheap and tacky 'bling' bought from H Samuels
Wearer of fake brand names from Labels
Owner of 20 of the same type of baseball cap worn at a perfect 45 degree angle from the overly gelled fringe

See neanderthal man for further details
Typical King's Lynn conversation...

Bailey: Y' ri' mate, wos hapnin wiv u an' Shazni
Damian: Wel' i shagged her down Fairstead dit i!
Bailey: Int she stil at KES?
Damian: Yeh man, shes 15 an' got a kid already...
by Simon Young March 22, 2008
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