Past tense for a victim of seagulling wherin the person has had cum thrown at them by a random person or stranger for a laugh.
This person may have had their experience filmed to make the situation more degrading/hilarious depending on perspective
Jack: Do much last night?
Dave: Well, when walking through the park i got seagulled by some random people...
Jack consoles Dave by giving him a loving kiss
by Simon Young March 23, 2008
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Past Tense Verb. A Seagulling, or being Seagulled occurs when the ejaculate from a male falls out of the male's partner and onto the male when the partner removes themself from atop the male after sex.
"My wife rode me this morning, but when she got up I got Seagulled."
by PhillyDave January 22, 2014
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The act of surrounding a car, where two or more persons are having sex in, and masturbating onto the car windows, thus giving the effect of bird poo on the windows
I had a great night dogging the other night, me and the boys really seagulled a Focus, whilst watching some nasty bird fuck her boss on the back seat
by pisshead0 August 18, 2010
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When an employee loudly and obnoxiously advocates for his or her issues in a meeting such that it becomes the main topic of discussion
I felt like I seagulled my way into the front of the deck
by cookiebutter June 17, 2019
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When people hide in the closet while others have sex, they begin to masturbate and when they are about to jizz they all break out and cum on those having intercourse, those who were in the closet then proceed to flap their arms, run in a circle and make seagull noises.
I had the worst sex last night, my brother and his friends were hiding in my room and seagulled me
by AdmiralShenanigans January 31, 2012
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A critical manager or supervisor who makes brief appearances to put on a meaningless but unpleasant display for employees to try to show they're doing their job. They swoop in, make a lot of noise, shit on everything, then fly away.
She came in and did her seagull thing yesterday. At least we won't see her again for another week or so...
by jcb1218* November 28, 2013
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Masturbating in your hand and then throwing it in someones face!!!
1. Did you seagul that chic
2. Yuuk, I just got seaguled by that asshole
3. Hey boys, lets go do some seaguling
by TheGoods February 22, 2014
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