An act performed by a male while having sex on the beach. During intercourse, the male's genitalia is dipped into the sand and sex is resumed, resulting in loud, awkward squawks and flapping of the limbs from his partner.
-Last summer, while my girlfriend and I were having sex on the beach, I gave her the seagull.

-I met this annoying girl at a bar one time, convinced her to go hook up on the beach, and seagulled her.

by Willie B. Hardigan April 15, 2008
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A manager or supervisor that glides or flies around the office doing nothing. Usually acts as if he/she is bugging his staff for a reason but the honest truth is simply that he has nothing to do, and wants to show non existant managerial skill.
The seagull is coming towards us, so be prepared for a ridiculous request that adds no value to you or your collegues.
by Initial-D September 12, 2005
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A person who keeps bumming cigarettes etc. off you. A seagull (usually guy) may also hang aroung in the bars at closing time searhing for easy women.
Comment in the bar queue on guy bumming a cigarette off you: "Are there trash cans or what, because it seems that seagulls are flying around"
by John Meadows-Taylor August 14, 2003
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yang- a person that would do anything for food
damn it yang stop eating mah food! Stop being a seagull
gang bang yang ching chong ching ding bang hang king lane dong
by mr jefferson September 16, 2007
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"A SEAGULL! there must be water nearby, we're saved!"
"thats an emu, idiot"

NB dehydration-related delerium has evidently caused lack of knowledge about drinking salt-water
by alex blows donkeys September 16, 2003
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When a man cums in his own hand and rubs it on someones face
fair play, you got seagulled haaaard
by ry to the ry March 24, 2006
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A friend who asks you to hook him up with girls that you have dated in the past and are still friends with but no longer interested in having a relationship with.

The definition relates to the way a seagull will feed off the leftovers of your fish and chips which is similar to a friend asking you to hook him up with past girlfriends you have scrapped.
Tom: Hey Sam, guess what? I got a new girlfriend.

Sam: I thought you already had a girlfriend.
Tom: Yeah I did, but this new girls way hotter.

Sam: Can I go out with your old girlfriend
Tom: Lol, yeah sure you can have my scraps you seagull
by weaby3 October 18, 2013
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