1. Vomiting, or being within seconds of doing so.

2. Of a place, uncomfortably busy.
"The dancefloor was heaving, but some guy started heaving and a space opened up."
by marcata August 13, 2003
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(Verb) - Loving, Living, or Gagging for someone/something to the extreme. Derived from the word "dry-heaving" refers to the next level after gagging.
Virginia, I am HEAVING over your Louboutins right now! You flaw-less bish!
by Miss Esty Dee January 3, 2017
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When happiness has reached a level that you are content beyond all other definitions.
Being with you brings me heaveness.
by Americanese August 5, 2015
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To puke;
The act of puking;
To shove over(board).
I'm gonna heave...
He is heaving!
Heave ho!
by SterFry April 29, 2003
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The thing you do right before you throw up that convulses your throat.
When he woke up from being passed out drunk, his stomach was heave ing. A moment later he threw up.
by *the punk chick* August 15, 2011
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ride made her feel so sick that she began heave
by dx1sy March 13, 2016
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The seventy-six year old man heaved a masterpiece until it tore from the wall
by Thickbooty15 September 17, 2015
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