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A woman who has a very forceful ejaculation when she comes.
"Do your friends call you the 'Gushenator'?"
by jamthemaninspacewithamonkey November 25, 2004
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A very erotic type of movie which originated in Germany, often featuring Joel's mum. The cleveland steamer is a frequently occurring event at the climax of scheisse films. Lederhosen are a necessity for the "actors" involved, due to its resilience and ease of wash when covered in shite. A picture of David Hasselhoff is a frequently occurring symbol in these movies.
"Take this you dirty bitch"
"Essen mein scheisse, baby!"
"This is my favourite tank top! It's covered in brown!"
by jamthemaninspacewithamonkey February 08, 2005
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The greatest band in the world. EVER! Containing Anthony Kiedis, with his amazingly original singing-rap style, John Frusciante, i.e. God with a guitar, Flea, the greatest bassist in the world, and Chad Smith, who is an amazing drummer. Add that to their love for each other, and you get the greatest band in the world.
"Hey, you know the chilis?"
"Oh, the greatest band in the world?"
"Well they rock, dude!"
"Yeh, I know!"
by jamthemaninspacewithamonkey November 25, 2004
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The word ringknocker is a noun used to describe people who enjoy sutffing their cocks or other objects into people's anal or vaginal passages until they bleed profusely.
"Durling's mum is such a ringknocker. My ass is still bleeding and it's now got flaps!"
"Wow, i gotta get me some of that hot shit"
by jamthemaninspacewithamonkey March 14, 2005
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When you whack off and cum in your hand, then you run up to someone, slap them in the face with your salty hand and shout "Seagulled!"
I sure do love seagulling. Matt seagulled me and now my cheek feels so fertile.
by jamthemaninspacewithamonkey March 20, 2006
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